Able Table

About the table
Being it for work or leisure, the Able Table is a versatile surface designed to stand amidst our daily life. It has been developed by Plastique in collaboration with Kluskens Meubelcreaties over the course of two years. Both the designers and manufacturer have been working together closely in order to conceive a table that remains familiar to us in shape and materiality, yet innovates in its de nition when it comes to position and function in our lives. Able Table supports the various activities that converge on a table in the everyday with the exibility needed in contemporary life. In this way it enables shifts between work, family and leisure. ese dynamics are endorsed by a strong and lightweight second surface; a rattan frame that can be pulled from both ends as an ideal place for storing objects that rest in pause when switching activities. A wooden table is about trust. It is a warm and timeless material that like no other knows to host the moments of life.
About Studio Plastique
Plastique is a collaboration between designers Archibald Godts and Theresa Bastek. They founded the studio after their studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven. With a common passion for cross-cultural investigations and societal topics, their practice aims to forge links between the past, the present and the future, the ratio and the heart, the material and the emotional, the real and the virtual, the human and the machine. By doing so, their work embodies the human needs among the rigid structures we are surrounded by, in a way that feels obvious or sometimes absurd. This striving for empathic approaches in an increasingly dehumanised world, combined with the necessary rational methodology, results in environments and objects conceived for human life to bloom, as well as critical reactions on contemporary phenomena and envisions of future scenarios.