Cabin Essence Bench

I wanted to design a range of furniture that captured the high quality craftsmanship and heritage of the Kluskens brand. Working closely with the team over at Kluskens, we surmise the materials, Walnut and Oak. I was given the freedom to explore these materials, and I was positive the cabinet makers or craftsmen/women had the capacity to deliver the lovely details I had imagined. I worked on delivering a small amount of key details to the design, i.e. the deep bevel of the underneath of the seat, making the outer edges look more elegant. Or the angle of the legs, giving the bench a refined stance (so to speak). The soft radius at the foot end of each leg was added to the dowels, these details can be carried across the full range quite easily. The joinery involved with the design is traditional, each component locks into the next making the structure of the bench really strong. The thicknesses of each component is kept to a minimum, resulting in a relatively light product, considering it is manufactured from solid timber.


When I work I’m listening to music most days, I’m a Beach Boys fan, more a Brian Wilson fan really. The name ‘Cabin Essence’ is taken from a track off the Smile album, it is one of my favourite songs of theirs. The name suits the bench/range quite well I think. The nature of the product has been personified through it’s name, coupled with the superb craftsmanship of the Kluskens team, the ‘Cabin Essence’ bench embodies contemporary Scandinavian design.


Ben Stanton

Product: Bench

Material: Oak or walnut

Dimensions: H: 44cm W: 130-170cm D: 32cm

Price: Starting from € 1.147,00

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